Serenity – Chrysler Pacifica

🎉🚐 Serenity’s Lifestyle Upgrade to a Chrysler Pacifica! Serenity, a valued member of our Titanium family, came back to us with a new vision: a spacious van to complement her evolving lifestyle. 🌟 With a specific 2021 Chrysler Pacifica in mind, she reached out to our attentive agent Daphni to make her dream a reality.

Daphni took the helm, ensuring Serenity’s approval was smooth and swift. And to bring it all home, we delivered the Pacifica directly to Serenity and her family in Prince George, BC, adding another layer of convenience to her experience. 🚚🏡

Congratulations, Serenity! We’re thrilled to see you embark on new adventures in your Pacifica. Thank you for trusting us once again with your vehicle needs. 🙏

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