Roy – Volkswagen Passat

🚗💨 Roy’s Journey from Public Transport to a Volkswagen Passat! Say hello to Roy, our newest Titanium family member! 🌟 Tired of the hustle of public transportation, Roy was determined to cruise in his own car. 🚌➡️🚗 But the road to approval was bumpy, with other dealerships turning him down.

Enter our superstar agent Alyssa! 🌟 She navigated through the challenges and secured Roy’s approval for a sleek 2018 Volkswagen Passat. And we didn’t stop there; we brought his new ride right to his doorstep in Port Alberni, BC. 🚚🏠

Congratulations, Roy! 🎉 Enjoy the freedom and comfort of your very own Passat. Welcome to the freedom of driving on your terms!

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