Rajwinder – Kia Rio

🎉🚗 Rajwinder’s First Car Celebration! Rajwinder was ready to leave the bus behind and step into her very first car! She reached out to us, and our agent Lashanda couldn’t wait to be part of this milestone moment. 🌟

Understanding the importance of this step, not just for convenience but also for starting Rajwinder’s credit-building journey, Lashanda found the perfect reliable car that Rajwinder absolutely adored. But the service didn’t stop there; we made sure her new ride was delivered right to her doorstep in Calgary, AB, for the ultimate first-car experience. 🚚🏠

Congratulations, Rajwinder! Enjoy the freedom and the start of a great credit journey. We’re thrilled to welcome you to the Titanium family, where first cars are just the beginning.

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