Kenneth – Ram 1500

👑 Kenneth, Our Loyal Legend, Strikes Again! 🚗🤩 When a legendary customer like Kenneth makes the call, you know something special is about to happen! 📞🌟 Kenneth, a valued member of our Titanium family, was looking to switch things up from his trusty SUV and dive into the world of trucks. 🚙➡️🚛 We unveiled the stunning 2017 Ram 1500, and guess what? It was love at first sight! 🥰❤️ Kenneth’s excitement was so infectious that he ventured all the way from Lytton to pick up his new ride! Now that’s dedication! 🌄🛣️ Huge congratulations and heartfelt thanks, Kenneth, for being part of our extended Titanium family! 🎉🤗 Ready to start your own car journey? 🚀🔑 Discover your credit score and explore endless possibilities! 🌐📊 KNOW YOUR CREDIT SCORE and GET APPROVED NOW! 👉 titaniumautogroup.ca/whats-my-credit-score/ 💪📈