Gina – Toyota CH-R

💖 Gina’s First Car Journey Begins! After 30 years of relying on public transit and dedicating long hours to her hospital work, Gina decided it was time for a change. She reached out to us at Titanium Autogroup, and our compassionate agent Yvonne Jean was determined to help Gina transition to her very first vehicle. 🌟

Understanding Gina’s need for a safe and reliable mode of transport, Yvonne found the perfect car for her. To make things even smoother, we delivered Gina’s new vehicle right to her in Surrey, BC, ensuring she can now drive to and from work with peace of mind. 🚙💨

Congratulations, Gina! Your commitment to others is inspiring, and we’re honored to support your journey to independence. Welcome to the Titanium family, where we’re all about making first-time car ownership dreams come true.

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