Gina – GMC Sierra

🎉🚚 Gina’s Big Upgrade to a GMC Sierra! Gina decided it was time to switch from her small car to something with a bit more power and presence – a truck! She reached out to us at Titanium Autogroup, and our agent Colton was ready to make her truck dreams a reality. 🌟

Colton found Gina the perfect match in a 2021 GMC Sierra, combining strength, style, and functionality. But we didn’t stop there; we ensured Gina’s new Sierra was delivered right to her doorstep in Athabasca, Alberta, adding convenience to her exciting upgrade! 🚚🏠

Congratulations, Gina! Enjoy the power and versatility of your new truck. Welcome to the Titanium family, where we turn your vehicle aspirations into reality.

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