Darian – Ram 1500

🎉🚚 Darian’s Family Adventure Begins with a Ram 1500! Inspired by her mother’s fantastic experience with us, Darian reached out, dreaming of a truck that could take her family on all their camping adventures. Our agent Lashanda was thrilled to help make that dream a reality. 🌲⛺

Understanding Darian’s needs, we matched her with a robust 2019 Ram 1500, equipped with a remote start as she requested, making those chilly morning starts on camping trips a breeze. And to top it off, we delivered her new adventure companion right to her doorstep in Williams Lake, BC. 🚚🏞️

Congratulations, Darian! Here’s to many memorable family trips in your Ram 1500. We’re excited to welcome you to the Titanium family, where your adventure needs are our priority.

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