Cody – Jaguar F-Pace

🎉🚙 Cody’s Upgrade to a Spacious Jaguar F-Pace! Cody visited us with a clear need: an upgrade from his sedan to a more spacious SUV, especially since his growing dog needed more room to roam. Enter Charles, our proactive agent, ready to guide Cody through the sea of options on our lot. 🐾🚗

Together, they explored until the 2019 Jaguar F-Pace caught Cody’s eye. A test drive later, Cody was smitten – the blend of luxury, space, and performance was exactly what he and his furry friend needed. Cody drove off in style, with his dog comfortably by his side, in his new Jaguar. 🚚💨

Congratulations, Cody! Enjoy every journey in your F-Pace. We’re delighted to welcome you and your four-legged companion to the Titanium family, where we make sure there’s room for every member.

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