Chris – Ram 2500

🎉🚚 Chris’s Leap to Independence with a Ram 2500! Fed up with the constant breakdowns of his company truck and eager to build his credit and start his own contracting business, Chris turned to us for a solution. That’s when Alyssa, our proactive agent, stepped in to save the day! 🌟

Alyssa worked diligently to find Chris not just any truck, but a robust 2020 Ram 2500 that met all his needs: reliability for long-term use, affordability within his budget, and the capability for his contract work. To top it all off, we delivered his new powerhouse truck right to his doorstep in Kamloops, BC! 🚚🏠

Congratulations, Chris! You’re now set for success with a vehicle that won’t let you down. Welcome to the Titanium family, where we’re committed to driving your dreams forward.

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