Chelsea – Chrysler Pacifica

🚐 Our camera-shy customer Chelsea and her fiancée (pictured) were on the hunt for the perfect vehicle to accommodate their expanding family and withstand the tough winters. With Chelsea embarking on a new business venture, they had concerns about finding a vehicle that matched their lifestyle needs. That’s where our superhero agent Ram at Titanium Autogroup came in! 🌟

Ram worked his magic and secured approval for a fully loaded 2021 Chrysler Pacifica with all-wheel drive, ticking every box for Chelsea and her fiancée. But that’s not all – we made sure their new family ride was delivered right to their doorstep in Fort St. John, BC! 🚚🏠

Congratulations, Chelsea! Here’s to new beginnings and safe travels in your Pacifica. Welcome to the Titanium family, where we make sure your vehicle fits your life perfectly.

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