Just Sold!

🚗✨ Jorden’s Credit Journey Begins with a Mitsubishi Mirage! ✨🚗 Welcome Jorden to the Titanium family! 🎉 Faced with rejections at other dealerships, Jorden was on a mission to find a vehicle that would also help her start building her credit. That’s when she turned to us for a solution! Our amazing agent Omar rose... Read More

🚐✨ Sheila’s Upgrade to a 2021 Chrysler Grand Caravan! ✨🚐 Big round of applause for Sheila, our newest member of the Titanium family! 🎉 Tired of her old van, she was on the hunt for a modern upgrade. That’s where Omar, our expert agent, stepped in with the perfect solution – a 2021 Chrysler Grand... Read More

🚗✨ Courtney & Chris’s Switch to a 2021 Kia Seltos! ✨🚗 Welcome to the Titanium family, Courtney & Chris! 🎉 After a summer with their minivan, they were ready for a change – something sleeker, more fuel-efficient, yet still spacious for the family. 🌿💼 Enter Yvonne, our amazing agent, who knew just the ride for... Read More

🚗💨 Melinda’s Dream Ride: The 2021 Volkswagen Golf! 💨🚗 Big cheers for Melinda, who turned a tough situation around with a little help from our superstar agent Pav! 🌟 Just 6 months after being stuck with a car she didn’t love, Melinda reached out to us for a change. Pav worked her magic, not only... Read More

🚗💨 Daniel’s Sporty Upgrade to a 2022 Subaru WRX! 💨🚗 Thrilled to welcome Daniel to the Titanium family! 🎉 Daniel wanted to swap his old SUV for something with a bit more zip and zest. Enter Yvonne, our superstar agent, who found the perfect ride: a 2022 Subaru WRX. 🌟 Sleek, sporty, and just what... Read More

🚙✨ Benjelyn’s Perfect Match: The 2022 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross! ✨🚙 A warm welcome to Benjelyn, the newest member of our Titanium family! 🎉 Seeking an all-wheel drive with ample cargo space to suit her active lifestyle, Benjelyn reached out to us for the ideal vehicle. Enter our agent Adam, who was eager to assist! 🌟... Read More

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