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Titanium Auto Group started as an automotive wholesale company, buying and selling vehicles, working with a lot of major automotive dealer groups (large and small). Managing partner Derek Scherk’s dream was to blend both the power of large volume wholesale buying and selling exceptional quality vehicles to the public, creating a really unique vehicle purchasing experience for the buyer on a wholesale basis. Derek has been affectionately referred to as a Used Car Factory’ because he always produces the best in pre-owned vehicles.

Derek has a massive inventory to draw from and with Derek’s attention to detail he ensures that only the cream of the crop is offered to you the customer. Titanium Auto Group has the highest quality standards and what doesn’t meet their stringent criteria is wholesale to other dealers or sold at auction. Derek says you’re going to be “driving on my reputation” and if you know Derek, you know that says a lot.

Don’t let Derek’s high-quality standards in pre-owned automobile selection fool you into thinking he has high prices. His attention to detail also ensures the best possible value as well. Derek states that “if you are comparing apples to apples, a Titanium Auto Group Apple is always going to be bigger and shinier.” So here’s what you get, a really exceptional vehicle at a really great price. If only the rest of life was that simple.

Why Choose Us?

  • Great Leasing Packages—Driving no matter what your credit situation
  • Best possible used car value
  • Highest possible quality standards
  • A really unique used car and truck buying experience
  • Exceptional automotive knowledge and experience
  • Great selection or really great pre-owned vehicles.
Derek  Scherk
Derek Scherk
Partner & General Manager
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