Nissan Sentra

The inaugural Titanium car giveaway! What an unreal experience this was for everyone involved. We put 7 car keys into a metal raffle drum and let 7 contestants pick their key of choice. After we went one by one through the key holders, we found our winner! Rick’s name was called first to pick his key and sadly it wasn’t the winner. Then Shane stepped up to the table to select his key. It was also not the correct key and the car did not start. Emily was third up to the plate and although she didn’t win the Nissan Sentra, she won herself a mini car! Michelle was up fourth and although she was confident it was hers, her key didn’t work either! Last up was Tara and what do you know?!?! She hit the start button and the Nissan Altima fired right up! What a tremendous day for all involved. We didn’t want any of the other key holders to go without winning something so we awarded them each additional prizes to make sure no one felt short changed. The first car giveaway and still the most epic!